May 16 | Westin Arlington Gateway, Virginia, USA

Speakers 2023

Including Post-Quantum Cyber Day Speakers

Alex Antrim

Senior Solutions Engineer, Yubico, Inc

Daniel Apon

Applied Cryptography Lead, MITRE

Bill Becker

CTO, Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies

Donald Carter

CEO & Founder, Triitus, Inc.

Matthew Downey

Technical Lead, NIAP

John Dunker

Director, Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program Management Office

Russell Glenn

Chief Solutions Architect, Viasat Mission Connections & Cybersecurity

Jon Green

Chief Security Officer, HPE Aruba Networking

Patrick Guerin

CSfC Trusted Integrator, Key Management Solutions

Rebecca Guthrie

Center for Cybersecurity Standards (CCSS)

Edward Jennings

Cybersecurity Chief Engineer, SAIC

Anil Karmel

Co-founder and CEO, RegScale

Steven Karsten

General Manager, Viasat Advanced Networks and Cyber Solutions

Dustin Moody

Mathematician, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Luke Morgan

QR CSfC Technical Advisor, Electronicals LLC

Jeffrey Nelson

Director, Business Development, Curtiss-Wright

Bill Newhouse

Cybersecurity Engineer, The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

David Ott

Sr. Staff Researcher and Academic Program Director, VMware

Dominic Perez

CTO, Curtiss-Wright

Ken Rich

Federal CTO, HPE Aruba

Valerie Richardson

Software Systems Engineer Team Manager, SAIC

Jack Rose

Account Manager, Aruba Networks

Malek Ben Salem

Managing Director, Emerging Tech Security, Accenture

Brett Schenck

Consulting Security Architect, World Wide Technology

Patrick Schneider

Deputy Chief of Encryption Production and Solutions, National Security Agency (NSA)

Jason Sebranek

CTO, Cog Systems, Inc.

William Turmel

SVP of Cyberspace Operations, Network Designs

Austin West

Managing Member, IT Veterans

Brian Wood

Program Manager for Security Certifications, Google