May 6, 2025 | The Hotel UMD, College Park, Maryland

CSfC20 Conference Agenda

All Times are US Eastern Time.

Day 1
30 Sep 2020

Opening Keynotes Session (L00A-B)

Session L00 Moderator: Jeff Sinclair, VP Sales, PacStar
Jeff Sinclair

Government Keynote Presentation: Modernizing the Army’s Tactical Network with CSfC (L00a)

To modernize its tactical network, the Army has embarked on an evolving two year capability set process. Infusing priority units including Infantry, Stryker and Armor formations with military and commercial...
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Brigadier General Robert M. Collins

Industry Keynote Presentation: Considerations for Wireless CSfC Deployments (L00b)

Many CSfC deployments involve some form of wireless technology, with Wi-Fi being the most common. What are the allowable options for wireless? Should you choose the Campus WLAN capability package...
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Jon Green
10:10 am-10:30 am

Conference Break

NIAP Update (L00d)

CSfC products require validation by Common Criteria Testing Labs, in accordance with the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profiles (PPs). This presentation will provide an update on recent efforts...
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Matthew Downey

Conference Break

Archon ZV – CSfC from the Endpoint to the Cloud (SPONSORED) ID Technologies has created the Archon ZV mobile solution. The Archon ZV platform combines security and reliability of a...
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Archon – ID Technologies

CSfC Experience Session (L01A-B)

Session L01 Moderator: Denise Sisson, VP Sales, Archon, ID Technologies
Denise Sisson

Operations and Maintenance of Tactical and Enterprise CSfC Solutions (L01a)

The lifetime operations and maintenance costs of enterprise versus tactical CSfC solutions and how they compare to high assurance solutions.
Matthew Lazzaro

CSfC Experience and Case Study (L01b)

Experiences from active duty supporting the AFRICOM J6, DoD secure remote and multi-level emerging requirements, and the coming transport revolution of 5G/Commercial LEO Satellite services.
Brian S. Wimmer
Day 2
25 Aug 2020
Day 3
30 Sep 2020

Conference Break

PrimeKey CSfC Solutions (SPONSORED) Presented by: Jeff Brooks Director, Federal & East Sales, PrimeKey

CSfC Technology Session (L03A-C)

Session L03 Moderator: Jack Rose, Territory Manager – US Army, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
Jack Rose

State-of-the-Art in Tactical CSfC Technologies (L03a)

Tactical communicators have unique requirements in fielding CSfC solutions – in particular with the size, weight, and power (SWaP) of solutions, as well as with usability, reliability and cost. This...
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Charlie Kawasaki

Leveraging CSfC to Reduce Risk within Cross Domain (L03b)

Cross domain solutions have long been a double-edged sword in information assurance, providing the necessary access to or transfer of data to keep missions successfully operating. These solutions, which connect...
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Adam Hovak

PKI Simplified, Certificate Authorities and PKI Demystified (L03c)

This presentation will look at public key cryptography, public key infrastructure, certificate authorities, and their role in CSfC, covering the following questions: What is a “public” key? What is a...
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Jonathan Schulze-Hewett
4:00 pm-4:20 pm

Conference Break

Ask the CSfC PMO Panel Discussion (L04a)

Representatives from the CSfC PMO and NIAP will present a panel discussion with open Q&A from the audience.
Nathan Degruttola
Sam Green
Brandon Harvey
Matthew Downey
Brent Hildebrand
John Dunker