May 6, 2025 | The Hotel UMD, College Park, Maryland

Agenda 2023

The CSfC Conference will be preceded by CMMC Day, and Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Day.

All-Access Two-Day Discount Registration is available.

Tuesday, May 16

08:00-09:00 Registration

09:00-10:20 Opening Plenary Session

Ballroom CDE

09:00 Welcome (P10a) Dominic Perez, CTO, Curtiss-Wright

09:10 CSfC PMO Introduction (P10b) John Dunker, Director, CSfC Program Management Office

09:20 Government Keynote (P10c) Patrick Schneider, DISES, Deputy Chief of Encryption Production and Solutions, Cybersecurity Directorate, National Security Agency

09:50 Industry Keynote: VPN Obfuscation (P10d) Corey Lee, CEO, Emergent Technologies

10:20-11:00 Networking Break in Exhibits

11:00-12:00 Plenary Panel Session

11:00 CSfC PMO Program Updates and Process Improvements; Ask the PMO Panel (P11a) Moderator: Bill Harrod, Public Sector CTO, Ivanti Panelists: Matthew Downey, Technical Lead, NIAP; John Dunker, Director, CSfC Program Management Office; Nathan Degruttola, Technical Director Strategic Edge Communications, CSfC Project Management Office; Sam Green, Technical Director, CSfC Project Management Office; Dave Ziska, Deputy Director, CSfC Project Management Office

12:00–13:00 Lunch in Exhibit Area

13:00-14:30 Track Sessions

Ballroom C
NSA Perspectives (N12)
Moderator: Jon Green, VP, Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.

Track Sponsor
Ballroom DE
CSfC Orientation (R12)
Moderator: Darnell Washington,
President/CEO, SecureXperts

13:00 Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)—101 (R12a) Jack Rose, Account Manager, HPE Aruba Networking, Mark Luther, Network Engineering Manager, PacStar Communications Solutions [60MIN]

14:00 Quantum Countermeasures in CSfC (R12c) Khuong Tang, Consulting Systems Engineer, Aruba Federal

Hemingway Salon
Components (C12)
Moderator: Brian Thompson, Senior Sales Specialist, Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure, ForcePoint

13:00 Can You “Shift Left” Compliance? (C12a) Anil Karmel, Co-founder and CEO, RegScale

13:30 CSfC Enabling Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) (C12b) Russell Glenn, Chief Solutions Architect, Viasat Mission Connections & Cybersecurity; Steven Karsten, General Manager, Viasat Advanced Networks and Cyber Solutions

14:00 Secure Tactical Solutions Using Hardware Security Modules (C12c) Alex Antrim, Senior Solutions Engineer, Yubico, Inc

14:30-15:00 Networking Break in Exhibits

(Exhibits close at 15:00)

15:00-17:00 Track Sessions

Ballroom C
NSA Perspectives & Select Topics (N13)
Moderator: Barry Kroneberger, Director, Federal System Engineering,
Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.

Track Sponsor

15:00 Composed End User Device (N13a) Mike Rovnan, CSfC Project Management Office

15:30 CNSA 2.0 (N13b) William Layton, NSA

16:00 Common Criteria: Current Status and Outlook (N13c) Brian Wood, Program Manager, Google

16:30 Mobile Phones in CSfC (N13d) Brett Schenck, Consulting Security Architect, World Wide Technology

Ballroom DE
Integrators Experience (T13)
Moderator: Paulette (Kitty) Hamilton, Federal/SLED Program Manager, World Wide Technology

15:00 Panel: CSfC Trusted Integrators—Putting CSfC Into Practice (T13a) Moderator: Jeffrey Nelson, Director, Business Development, Curtiss-Wright Panelists: Neal Burkhart, Lead Engineer / IT Infrastructure Design Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton; David Gregory, Chief Architect, Curtiss-Wright; Edward Jennings, Solutions Architect-Chief, Mobility Subject Matter, SAIC; Keith Stacy, Domain Architect | Global Security Practice, Iron Bow Technologies [60MIN]

16:00 Case Studies in System/Cyber Engineering and Test and Evaluation Regarding the CSfC Draft Tactical Capability Package (T13c) Edward Jennings, Cybersecurity Chief Engineer, SAIC; Valerie Richardson, Software Systems Engineer Team Manager, SAIC [60MIN]

Hemingway Salon
Case Studies (S13)
Moderator:  Dominic Perez,
CTO, Curtiss-Wright

15:00 What is “Enhanced” About an ERD? (S13a) Jason Sebranek, CTO, Cog Systems, Inc.

15:30 CSfC in Secure Facilities: Navigating the gauntlet of requirements and policies successfully (S13b) Austin West, Managing Member, IT Veterans

16:00 Attack Surface Management for Classified and Tactical Networks (S13c) Farhan Saifudin, SE Manager, Ivanti

16:30 The Building Blocks of a Security Paradigm: Security, Usability, and Flexibility (S13d) Donald Carter, CEO & Founder, Triitus, Inc.

17:00 Adjourn