May 16 | Westin Arlington Gateway, Virginia, USA

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Certified InfoSec Presents the 2023



May 16, 2023 | Westin Arlington Gateway

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Join your colleagues at the CSfC Conference:

Hear about challenges from developers of Common Criteria-certified ICT products and solutions.
Get updates from the standards organizations and government agencies that manage certification and program participation.
Meet with industry leaders who are developing, testing, and integrating technologies for the CSfC program.

The CSfC Conference will bring together the entire industry value chain:
Product Vendors, Component Suppliers, Commercial Testing Laboratories, Trusted Integrators, Standards Organizations, and Government Agencies

CSfC Industry Leaders Re-convene Live Forum on Certification for Commercial Tech

For a wide range of solutions providers, CSfC will open a large and reliable new market: US Government customers within the National Security Systems (NSS) who need the latest commercial technology solutions to achieve their mission objectives. The National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program was created to enable rapid certification of these products for classified use. But achieving and maintaining CSfC certification requires development expertise, detailed assessments, key partnerships, and continuing guidance. With these goals in mind, the CSfC Conference brings together the entire industry value chain for commercial products used in layered solutions protecting classified NSS data.

The conference provides an overview and updates on CSfC program objectives, including: Understanding security requirements and translating those security requirements into product requirements • Implementing security features and providing vendor support for certified products • Encryption and other requirements for implementing the Data-at-Rest (DAR) capabilities package • Defending against side-channel attacks • Integrating physical security, and secure mobility in CSfC solutions • What’s currently state-of-the-art in tactical CSfC technologies.

If you plan to develop, assess, specify, implement or support commercial solutions in support of national security objectives, the CSfC Conference will provide the guidance you need to succeed.

Thank you to all 2022 attendees! Conference video archive will be available soon.

Held in Conjunction With:

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a supply chain certification framework that will apply to over 300,000 defense industry base (DIB) subcontractors to extend foundational cybersecurity standards for DoD stakeholders and across the federal space. Click here for more info.

Common Criteria Day

Common Criteria Day is a one-day workshop presented in conjunction with the CSfC Conference, providing industry professionals an overview of the current status, and future outlook for CC, the cybersecurity framework that underpins CSfC in the federal space. Click here for more info.

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Conference Tracks

CSfC Technology: Protection profiles, components, and use cases.

CSfC in Practice: Case studies and best practices in deployment.

CSfC Policy: Standards, testing and certification requirements.

CSfC Mission and Markets: Current capabilities and future opportunities.

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