May 7 | The Hotel UMD, College Park, Maryland

CSfC Industry Lessons Learned: Missives from the Trenches (F3a)

31 Aug 2021
3:10 pm-3:40 pm

CSfC Industry Lessons Learned: Missives from the Trenches (F3a)

Developing and deploying CSfC solutions requires mastery over a complex set of requirements and processes—from FIPS and Common Criteria evaluations, interoperability testing, and development of procedures to systems and platform integration, accreditation, turn-up and training.

Topics will include techniques such as methods to adapt enterprise virtualized functions to tactical solutions, challenges with pre-deployment of network configurations and CAs, avoiding interoperability surprises, and complexities with end user device provisioning. Also covered will include perspectives on emerging requirements, and technology/product gaps in the CSfC eco-system that offer opportunities for technology developers.

This presentation will share PacStar’s lessons learned from projects ranging from CSfC component certification projects with eight partners, from building hundreds of CSfC tactical systems using all three data-in-transit capability packages (WLAN CP, MSC CP and MA CP), and from developing large Enterprise, multi-network CSfC infrastructures.