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Erika Voss

Head of Information Security, Risk, and Compliance at Zillow Group

Erika Voss

Head of Information Security, Risk, and Compliance at Zillow Group
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Erika Voss is an Information Security, Risk, and Compliance executive who partners with CEOs, executives and the broader security and academic communities to grow their personal and professional brands on why security is more than just a data point. After spending nearly, a decade working in public sector, Erika knows what truly drives people to talk, communicate, and share how to best protect, detect, and solve for the security flavor of the week; what is it today, “threat hunting?” It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them, whether technical or not.  You must engage with your audience, help them understand the risk and how to push forward.

Erika has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around throughout her career, including the Occupational Health and Safety, Seguridad en America, Continuity Insights, Costco, and Disaster Recovery Journal.  In addition to her extensive security, risk, and compliance experience, Erika is a trainer in business continuity, crisis management, and recovery operations.

Erika holds a Masters in Security Administration, a BS in Computer Operations Technology, and professional certifications in Business Continuity, Forensics, and Homeland Security.  She holds positions on three professional boards in Homeland Security at Pierce College, Critical Infrastructure at the University of Washington, and Business Continuity / Crisis Management with ASIS International.  Most will find when talking with Erika she has an energy and passion for this field that is engaging, invigorating, and wanting to learn how to evolve the security community even more.


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Cloud Compliance Certifications and The Road Ahead

09:40 - 10:20
Cloud Compliance Track: Plaza 1